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A new system for accepting booking requests

Since yesterday, a new system for accepting booking requests has been implemented on our website. *"This system is the result of the feedbacks we have received from our clients and from the lawyers registered on our website." explains Matthieu Sarrazin, CEO of Legal Finder. So what exactly is it all about ? "Until now, the...

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Two years later... the Startup Weekend

This is the springboard with which it all started: from 7th to 9th December 2018, Matthieu Sarrazin presented his project at the Startup Weekend Luxembourg. Initially called "Avocadvisor", and then became "Legal Finder" during the 54 hours of competition, the project was a great success. This is what triggered the rest...

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50 startup stories by Paperjam

For Paperjam subscribers, this December's paper edition just published an article listing 50 promising startups in Luxembourg. As the article itself states, these are "50 stories of women and men who were already fighting every day." (before the COVID crisis). The article provides its list of startups by category: Fintech Star...

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Predictice organizes a webinar on Luxembourgish LegalTech

We told you a few days ago that Predictice, a French startup specialising in predictive justice, had just signed a new Luxembourg client, the large Foyer insurance group. We have just learned today that they are organising a webinar and are planning to move to Luxembourg. For this webinar, the theme will be "Innovations in the Luxemb...

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A first group for LegalTechs in Luxembourg

Since our launch in 2019, Legal Finder has been following the news of LegalTechs in Luxembourg and trying to promote this sector. Although this remains difficult given the small number of players in this field, some partnerships are not impossible. Thus, the LegalTech Avocat 2.0 recently approached Legal Finder. "In June 2020, we pub...

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Predictice adds a Luxembourg insurer to its client list

Predictice, French LegalTech which aims to anticipate possible court decisions by analysing thousands of case law, has just signed a new client in Luxembourg: the Foyer insurance group. After two law firms last year, this new Luxembourgish client allows Predictice to increase its presence in this sector in Luxembourg, but also to improve...

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Videoconferencing for lawyers comes to Legal Finder

In this very particular period of health crisis, the need for professionals to have digital tools at their disposal has become more and more important. Legal Finder, which is committed to supporting lawyers in their digitalisation and daily activities, has therefore continued throughout this year to develop additional services to meet the...

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Legal Finder introduces its new guides

As you know, Legal Finder's mission is to help people access justice, and more generally to assert their rights. As part of this vision, we have just published two guides to help you better understand certain procedures in Luxembourg law. First of all, we have added a guide to the [divorce by mutual consent in Luxembourg] procedure (https...

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2nd candle and a fundraising in sight

On October 23rd, 2018, our Founder started the drafting of a Business Plan, which led a few months later to the creation of the company Legal Finder. Two years later, the idea on paper has taken shape, and that's saying something ! Our startup has now been the leader on the Luxembourg market for more than a year, with 50 lawyers registere...

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