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Overview of LegalTechs in Luxembourg

A few months ago, Maddyness published the French barometer of LegalTech, an independent study which detailed the number of LegalTechs in France, their services, their ambitions and the recent fundraising (1). In a much more modest way, we were inspired by their approach to offer you the first overview of LegalTechs in Luxembourg. A very y...

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Will LegalTechs have the same future as FinTechs ?

In a very interesting article, Maddyness uses an Anglo-Saxon study to compare the development of the FinTechs sector, these companies having brought technological evolutions to the financial sector, and the development of LegalTechs, their equivalents in the legal field. The article summarizes the development of FinTechs ten years ago as...

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Is COVID involved in DIVORCE?

Many Luxembourgish people have already asked themselves this question: will divorce rate increase due to the Coronavirus lockdown? At the moment, no one can know for sure. However, some signs can shed light on what might happen in Luxembourg and the rest of Europe. “Post-traumatic” divorce in China The China Global Times reported the firs...

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The digital transformation of the legal profession: a priority

According to an Ifop survey, relayed by L'Usine Digitale, 81% of lawyers believe that the digital transformation of their profession is a priority. Indeed, many of them say they are strongly impacted by the health crisis, and realize the importance of digitizing their activities. In their line of sight, we find the need to increase their...

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Containment accelerates the digitalisation of the legal sector

La Nouvelle République, a French newspaper, has chosen a very explicit title: Confinement has accelerated the digitalization of the legal sector. According to them, containment has made many legal actors aware of the importance of being available and accessible online. The 8 weeks of confinement have indeed had a significant impact on pro...

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Our company is one year old !

Even in confinement, we don't forget the important moments ! Today, our company is blowing out its first candle. Indeed, Legal Finder Sarl was created on May 10th, 2019. On this occasion, our Founder Matthieu Sarrazin recalled that: "It was a step among others in our project, but it was important because it formalized our commitment....

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Legal Finder present at the Graduation Ceremony of the Founder Institute Luxembourg

As you probably know, Legal Finder followed the programme of the Founder Institute Luxembourg at the beginning of the year. An intense and very enriching training that ended with the creation of our company and the famous "Graduation Ceremony". This year, the second graduating class of the Founder Institute Luxembourg will also...

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COVID-19: a driver for innovation ?

It's in times of difficulty that opportunities are created. One could summarize this way Maddyness's article which sees the COVID-19 crisis as an accelerator for innovation in the legal world. It is true that by having to stop physical contact and by favouring remote working, law firms have needed new tools. This opens up real opportuniti...

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Employer, paid leave and COVID-19

Employers and employees: the current health situation has raised many issues in the world of work. Among them, the issue of paid leave is a recurrent one. In order to answer it as well as possible, a Luxembourg law firm, specialised in labour law, has published an article in Paperjam on paid leave during the COVID-19 crisis. If you still...

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