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Type your legal issue on "Preferential areas". If you don't know what type of lawyer you need, just use your own words, we will suggest the legal field for you. Select the suggested legal field and the other search criteria, if any. Then click "Choose lawyer."

Booking options

Legal Finder offers you two possible options:
* Submit your case to all the lawyers in the legal field concerned, and the ones interested will answer you quickly, so you can choose amongst them.
* Choose one specific lawyer directly.

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To complete your booking, you’ll have to enter some information for your lawyer: your name and contact detail, preferred appointment date, and, if you wish, some details about your case. Completing this information can take between 2 to 10 minutes, so make sure you’ve enough time.

How much does it cost?

Legal Finder is a free online service to search and book an appointment with a lawyer. However, your chosen lawyer can charge you for his/her work. Make sure you discuss this point with your lawyer and have a look at the invoicing system they propose. You can find their hourly rates just under their name. When completing your booking, you can also detail your overall budget for the case.

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