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For Paperjam subscribers, this December's paper edition just published an article listing 50 promising startups in Luxembourg. As the article itself states, these are "50 stories of women and men who were already fighting every day." (before the COVID crisis).

The article provides its list of startups by category:

  1. Fintech Stars, which lists the rising stars of financial startups;
  2. Good Guys, which lists startups acting "for the common good", in sectors as varied as education, health or inclusion;
  3. Trendy, with startups surfing on technologies and sectors that are currently making headlines;
  4. Grands frères, with startups that have already been in existence for several years (from five to over ten years);
  5. Emerging tech, with all the technologies of tomorrow.

Legal Finder has the great pleasure to be part of this list, and you will be able to find us in the "Trendy" category. The insert on our startup very succinctly summarises our history and our objectives, reminding us that "Longly confined to jurisprudence, legaltechs have a much greater appetite.". We certainly do have an appetite. The article thus states that we are in the process of diversifying our services and that we aim to launch our offers in Belgium, France, Portugal and Spain over the next two years.".

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