A first group for LegalTechs in Luxembourg


Since our launch in 2019, Legal Finder has been following the news of LegalTechs in Luxembourg and trying to promote this sector. Although this remains difficult given the small number of players in this field, some partnerships are not impossible. Thus, the LegalTech Avocat 2.0 recently approached Legal Finder.

"In June 2020, we published an overview of LegalTechs in Luxembourg, but we pointed out that the sector was so poorly documented that we may have missed some information. Here's an obvious example: we didn't know Avocat 2.0 before they contacted us." explained Matthieu Sarrazin, CEO of Legal Finder, before going on: "This shows how young the LegalTech sector is in Luxembourg, and that we need to continue our efforts to promote it and make it more visible.".

This is precisely what the two LegalTechs intend to achieve with their first exchanges: to strengthen the links between the actors of the sector and to create a dynamic to make it better known and to highlight its advantages. This has led to the creation of a LinkedIn group, open to all those who might be interested in this field. "In France, LegalTechs meet in associations or interest groups. In Luxembourg, our LinkedIn group is less formal and very recent, but it is an important first step, demonstrating a real willingness to work together with a common goal to develop and publicise startups active in the legal field." observed Matthieu Sarrazin.

And it is indeed only the beginning. Avocat 2.0 intends to help law firms increase their productivity by helping them get to know their typical clientele better and by helping them better target it online. They are also active in professional training for legal professionals. For its part, Legal Finder aims to help people access justice and assert their rights, while supporting lawyers in their digitalisation and daily activities. The two startups therefore clearly have similar visions and complementary services. This leads the CEO of Legal Finder to conclude: "There is a lot of potential in our discussions with Philippe Claudon, CEO of Avocat 2.0, and we can achieve a lot of benefits for citizens and lawyers. We will do our utmost to implement them quickly.".

The momentum is therefore set in motion, and should lead to new initiatives in the near future.

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