The LegalTechs market is slow in coming


In France, in 2016, several decrees have allowed lawyers to exercise a commercial activity in addition to their profession as lawyers, as long as this activity remains ancillary. This has led to a clear increase in the number of LegalTechs launched by lawyers in 2017 and 2018.

In Marseille, an association regroups these lawyer-entrepreneurs and is called AvoStart. An article in "Nouvelles Publications"]( presents, on the occasion of the General Assembly of this association, the thoughts of its creator on the current state and evolution of the Legaltechs market.

In essence, two points should be retained: on the one hand, the market is, according to him, slow to reach maturity. For his own LegalTech, he found that customers had not rushed to his offer, but that it took a lot of education, explanation and discussion to convince them to come. On the other hand, the next few years will be a tipping point for LegalTechs, which could well be triggered more quickly following the COVID crisis, which demonstrated the interest of having digital or remote legal services.

From our side, we understand this vision of things, even if in Luxembourg, the market is even more recent than in France, and it may still take several years before this specific "switchover" takes place. In any case, we hope that LegalTechs' interest will be growing and will allow us to respond ever better to the needs of clients and lawyers.

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