Our logo is also 1 year old


A year ago, Legal Finder adopted its current logo, "LEGAL FINDER", with a magnifying glass stopping on the final "L" of Legal and the "F" of Finder. Featuring two shades of blue with white lettering, this magnifying glass has become the symbol of our website.

Did you know that initially our logo was a geographical pointer (like on the mobile applications of maps or the famous "You are here" on urban maps), in which was a judge's hammer ? If blue was already dominating the original logo, the nuances have changed, and the new logo's magnifying glass definitely puts more emphasis on the primary role of the site: to search, compare and find a lawyer in Luxembourg.

Also, remember that Legal Finder's initial slogan was "Choose wisely. Search with Legal Finder" ? In its English version, the slogan even appeared in the logo. Over time, as the website became more and more popular, there was less need to put it so prominently. It even ended up disappearing completely from our logo today, which consists only of the name of the startup and the magnifying glass.

With these evolutions, we are proud to say that our logo really reflects what we are trying to offer and convey. A guarantee of quality for a logo that we intend to keep for a long time to come !

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