Legal Finder opens its doors in Belgium


This is a great day in the history of the startup: 2 years to the day after its initial launch in Luxembourg, and 3 months after its first fundraising, Legal Finder is exporting and opening its doors in Belgium as of this morning. This is an important evolution for the Luxembourgish LegalTech, leader in its sector, and which has been planning for several months to open its doors to other countries.

"This is an important step for us. It is the result of several months of work and preparation in order to adapt our services to the Belgian specificities, work that is not always visible, and which rewards our efforts and our ambition", explains Matthieu Sarrazin, Founder and CEO of the company. "It is also a logical development in our eyes, since we want to open up to all the countries of the Greater Region, focusing in particular on the neighbouring regions. This is why the next step will be to open the website in France."

The startup has always benefited from its proximity to the Luxembourg market. Opening in Belgium will be an excellent test to see how their unique business model is exported, and how they adapt to different requirements.

"We hope that our model will appeal to Belgian lawyers as much as it does for Luxembourgish lawyers. Of course, as we did in Luxembourg, we will be in contact with and listen to the professionals who come to our website and we will adapt as much as possible to their needs. This is our vision: we want to support lawyers in their digitalization and their daily activities", the Legal Finder representative reminds us.

The opening to the Belgian market is not the only news of the day: "With this opening, we expect an increase in the number of exchanges between our services and our clients. This is why we have also introduced a virtual assistant, called LF-Bot. A chat window is now available on our website and the assistant is able to answer relatively standard requests. This allows us to further professionalise our customer support while offering interactivity and speed of response for our interlocutors."

These new features allow Legal Finder to continue to advance towards its various objectives, and to keep up with its ambitions. "Our team, which has recently grown and is still looking for an additional person, is working very hard to achieve our goals and to make our vision a reality. When we finally get a launch or a new product, it's the reward for all that work. We are of course waiting to see how it will be received in our neighbouring countries, but we know in advance that in the regions bordering the Grand Duchy, few lawyers have access to this type of platforms, which is often concentrated in the large cities. It's up to us to go and find them and show them all the interest and benefits that we can bring them on a daily basis", concludes Matthieu Sarrazin.

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