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Legal Finder is now available in France. This announcement, made in July by the startup's Team at the time of its opening in Belgium, has just been made today. The website, which allows customers to search for and book an appointment with a lawyer online, is now open to a third country since this Thursday morning.

"We are very proud of this new page that is opening. Our goal has always been to offer our services to the Grande Region, and the opening in France is the logical next step after our arrival in Belgium in July." happily explains Matthieu Sarrazin, the startup's founder. "We hope that our model will be popular and that we will continue to build the foundations of a service that suits and benefits everyone.".

The date for this opening is not insignificant: 9th December is indeed the date on which, in 2018, the Legal Finder project won the Startup Weekend Luxembourg competition. "It's an excellent memory that we wanted to honour with this principle: to celebrate the 3 years of this victory, we will be present in 3 countries." explains the entrepreneur. "At the time, we didn't think, at least not for me, that we would be here three years later. But step by step, stone by stone, the Legal Finder adventure has been built, consolidated, improved, developed, to be today this small company active in 3 countries. We still have many things to do, a lot of work to perform and other ambitions to achieve, but as I often say: I am very proud of the path we have taken and of the work of the whole team.".

The biggest challenge for the startup will now be to maintain all the qualities that have made it strong in Luxembourg while developing its services even further. The head of Legal Finder knows this well: "We have seen it with our Belgian site: our marketing work, explaining and demonstrating our services is important. If in Luxembourg, we have proven ourselves and have been the number one platform for more than two years, in France, as in Belgium, we will clearly be new, with everything to prove and everything to build. It is up to us to show that we can adapt to all markets, of all sizes.".

Because Legal Finder does not intend to stop there. "Once we are well established in the Grande Region, our goal is obviously to complete our installation throughout Belgium and France, before targeting other countries such as Germany, Spain or Portugal." Matthieu explains. "Nevertheless, we have always worked in stages and this has worked well for us. We are therefore very proud to add France to our list of countries where we are available, and we will work on this for the time being." concludes the manager.

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