Legal Finder accelerates deployment in France


Legal Finder is pleased to announce the acceleration of its deployment in France ! After having officially launched its website in ".fr" version less than a year ago, the Luxembourg-based LegalTech has hired the services of Head Of Sales in order to reach a large panel of French lawyers.

"It's time for Legal Finder to reach its full potential in France" said CEO and Founder Matthieu Sarrazin. "In Luxembourg, we work with about 3% of practicing lawyers. We have the same ambition for France. This required the support of professionals, because the volumes and the geographical coverage are more consequent" Legal Finder has therefore approached the French company Head of Sales to carry out this mission.

The director of the first Luxembourg LegalTech explains: "Compared to the options available to us, they are the ones who best meet our needs. They have knowledge of the legal sector, they are based in France, and they have a business model adapted to the budgets of startups.". It is therefore a partnership that should bear fruit very quickly, with the first campaigns having started a few days ago.

On the subject of the strong point of his solution, Matthieu Sarrazin is categorical: "Our offer is unique, and all to the advantage of lawyers. Our fees only apply when the client and the lawyer wish to enter into a relationship. No subscription in the hope of getting a hypothetical client. No buying contact details that are sold to several professionals at the same time, or even to the highest bidder. Not even a commitment. You choose your clients, they validate the lawyer who best meets their needs, and when the two want to exchange together our mission is accomplished.".

As for the delay between the opening of the French website and this large-scale canvassing campaign, the founder concludes: "It was important for us to refine the existing system to the French specificities. Although the legal system in France is similar to that of Luxembourg, certain cultural differences, as well as a wider range of offers in France, led us to take the time to meet and discuss with French lawyers in order to be fully certain that the French version would correspond 100% to the needs of local lawyers.".

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