First fundraising for Legal Finder


Since this Friday, April 2nd, Legal Finder's shareholders have new members. As a result of their fundraising campaign started in October, the startup has just finalized its first round of financing.

"This is a success on several levels. First, because we raised the amount we wanted. Secondly, because it will allow us to secure our financing to develop in new countries and offer new products. And finally, because to my knowledge, we are the first Luxembourg LegalTech to raise funds." explains Legal Finder's founder, Matthieu Sarrazin.

The young company, which will celebrate its second anniversary next month, has raised €50,000, valuing its work at €250,000. It was raised from private investors, close to the founders or in their networks.

"It seemed obvious to us to look first in our own networks. We wanted people with an interest in what we want to achieve, people who know where we are coming from and where we are going. It was a first fundraising round and typically, that's done with people you know." continues the startup's CEO.

On the strength of this success, the pillar company of Luxembourg's LegalTech is ready to continue its momentum, and is already thinking about future fundraising. Matthieu Sarrazin added: *"It's up to us to make a difference with these funds, and to prove to the people who trusted us that they made the right choice. We will be rolling out our solution in border countries and developing new products. We hope that this will give us excellent financial figures to open negotiations for another, larger round of funding."

One thing is certain: Legal Finder will continue to make news.

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